Final Judgement of Gujarat Fix Salary Employees in Supreme Court Case

Gujarat is the home of growth and development since decades. It is also known as growth engine of India but their state Government employees are getting fix salary. They have salary of only few thousands rupees. It is one of the lowest salary compare to other regular employees in the State Government. So, case has been filed against the State Government of Gujarat in the Gujarat High Court earlier. They have ordered the State Government to provide full pay scale plus grade pay as well as full arrears till date from joining date.

When Government of Gujarat loose the court case in the High Court, they have filed appeal in the Supreme Court of India (Appex Court). It has been more than six months in the supreme court and there was no judgement from the court. Now, today is the judgement day and more than 1 lakhs government employees wants to know what will be judgement for the fix pay employees of Gujarat ?

We will update this article when we get further information regarding the court case of Fix Pay Government employees of Gujarat. Meanwhile, you can also visit this website for further recruitment details i.e. Sarkari Naukri.

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7th October, 2013 is the next date of Gujarat Fix Pay Scale Case in Supreme Court.

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